• High Quality Silicone Love Dolls

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  • When you decide to order a Fantasy Doll, you can rest assure that you will receive one of the Highest Quality Full Bodied Silicone Love Dolls found anywhere in the World!

    Fantasy Dolls are ranked world class, due to their high quality workmanship and realism. Fantasy Dolls are built for durability and longevity. We use very high grade medical silicone mixed with our own ingredients to ensure the final creation is one of true perfection! Fantasy dolls are infinitely posable, each supported by an inbuilt metal skeletal structure with functioning steel joints, interchangeable face and wig, and they are anatomically correct.

  • Fantasy Doll Order Process

    1. Confirm order details and receive full payment for doll
    2.  Process doll skeleton based on body type
    3.  Assemble doll skeleton
    4.  Prepare doll's inner structure which offers light-weight and a wide range of motion
    5.  Adjust silicone colour
    6.  Place doll's core (skeleton) in a moulding box
    7.  Implement our special technology in the required areas such breasts and stomach
    8.  Cast original silicone
    9.  Wait for silicone to cure
    10.  Apply after treatment on cured silicone
    11.  Apply paint and makeup based on customer's request
    12.  Apply various options
    13.  Complete and clean the doll
    14.  Carefully pack the doll in a shipping box
    15.  Deliver the doll to customer based on request (time, special instruction etc)

    When it comes to making purchase of any kind of item on the internet, one of the things you need to be concerned about is whether the site is legitimate. At Fantasy Doll we are a trademark company based in Australia offering our dolls to be purchased via direct bank deposit or via credit card. With so many doll sites online, it is hard for the consumer to know what site is real and what is not.

    The best advice is to first make contact and ask as many questions as you can to ensure you feel comfortable with purchasing from the company you are dealing with. Fantasy Doll offers global shipping and accepts all major credit cards. Once you decide to order, we send through the paperwork for you to complete and sign along with all our company details for your reference.

    For more information about ordering, simply contact us via phone or email.