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  • Fantasy Doll Vaginal Options

  • Fantasy Doll offers two types of vaginal options for your Silicone Doll. Firstly you have the Realistic Inbuilt Vaginal Option, then you have the removable vaginal option (which contains 4 different inserts). Many clients ask which is the most suitable or best for their doll upon ordering. You need to think of this in two ways.

    Firstly are you wanting a more realistic look of the Dolls vagina or is it more important for easy cleaning and a different feel.
    There are pros and cons for each vaginal option.  Review information on Doll vaginal options below.

  • Fantasy Doll Removable Vaginal Options

  • Twine Type

    The Twine Type Removable Vaginal Insert stimulates while thrusting in and out. Th unique structure inside provides a realistic sensation.

  • Wrap Around

    The Wrap Around Removable Vagina insert gives a feeling of soft sensation when inserting. Rubbing along the shaft as you insert.

  • Spiral Insert

    This type of doll insert has a series of spirals inside so when you push in and out it gently wraps and stimulates your shaft giving you a great sensation.

  • Tiny Bubble

    This Removable Vaginal insert has tiny bead type bubbles that continuously stimulate as you insert in and out.