• High Quality Silicone Love Dolls

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  • Fantasy Doll Silicone Body Types

    Fantasy Doll provides doll lovers with high quality silicone love dolls that can be customised the way you like using our various options. Finding high quality silicone real love dolls can be quite stressful, with so many scam websites around, you need to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate Silicone Doll company. Fantasy Sex Dolls are built by hand with each doll that is ordered is built accordingly to your requirements. We offer you 7 different Silicone Doll Body types to choose from and create your Fantasy Sex Doll.

    Each Doll is built with an inbuilt skeletal frame with joints. Our own very unique high grade medical silicone and extensive years of experience in creating Silicone Sex Dolls. We have listed information on each of the Fantasy Silicone Doll body types for you to read through and decide which Fantasy Sex Doll Body you most desire. Most of the Doll heads for all Fantasy Silicone Dolls will fit on either Body Type. We have listed the most suitable doll heads for you, however if you like any of the doll heads, they are able to be used on any of the Fantasy Silicone Doll Body Types below.

    Should you have any questions regarding any of the Fantasy Love Doll Bodies below, you can simply contact us and the Fantasy Doll staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • The Seduction of the Fantasy Seduce Silicone Love Doll

    This is what most are saying about the Fantasy Seduce Silicone Doll Body.

    Created for a more fuller look, the Dolls breasts are larger and more fuller with emphasis on more! Her overall body structure is defined to proportion.

    Each of the Fantasy Sex Doll bodies are created and made by hand with each Sex Doll body type built to its body structure. If your looking for the more fuller look in your Real Sex Doll, then the Fantasy Seduce Silicone Love Doll is the perfection option.

  • Height 153cm (5'2")
    Weight 32kg (70lbs)
    Measurements (cm) B 94 / W 61 / H 91
    UnderBust  65 (26")
    Dress size M/L


  • Fantasy Allure Silicone Real Love Doll is in a League of her own!

    Look out for the Fantasy Allure! Our New Standing Silicone Real Love Doll.

    The Fantasy Allure Silicone Sex Doll is sure to impress any doll lover! The Fantasy Allure Silicone Love Doll promotes a more fuller overall body and shape emphasizing on a more curvaceous, voluptuous and sexually attracting any larger doll lover.

    The Fantasy Allure Doll is the only standing Love Doll in the Fantasy Doll Collection.

    Whether you are looking for a more realistic mannequin or a full bodied Silicone Love Doll, the Fantasy Allure Silicone Love Doll is one of our most alluring love dolls.

  • Fantasy Allure Body Details


    162cm (5'3")


    30Kg (66lbs)

    Measurements (cm)

    B 88 / W 63 / H 92

    Under Bust

    UnderBust 67 (26")

    Dress size Medium


  • A Stunning Work of Art is the Fantasy Evolution Real Love Doll

    Fantasy Evolution Silicone Doll ~ Sexy & Slender. If your looking for a more slender doll body type, then the Fantasy Evolution Doll  is the doll body type for you.  The Fantasy Evolution Silicone Real Doll stands at 5 foot 3 inches tall and weighs approx 30kg. Her realistic Doll Body figure, style and overall stance makes her the ultimate Fantasy Love Doll.

    With her breasts size enough for anyone to get a grip on, her ultimate desired body frame.The Fantasy Evolution Love Doll is Simply Irresistible!! A true perfection in the making! Fantasy Evolution Silicone Doll Body Type is beautifully created in proportion to ensure your doll looks and lasts for a very long time.

  • Fantasy Evolution Body Details


    154cm (5'2")


    30Kg (66lbs)

    Measurements (cm)

    B 87 / W 64 / H 94

    Under Bust

    UnderBust 70 (27")

    Dress size S/M


  • Ooooooozes Sex Appeal is the Fantasy NEO Real Love Doll

    Fantasy NEO Silicone Love Doll ~ Simply Sexy
    The Fantasy NEO Real Sex Doll is one of the most desired Silicone Doll Body Types.
    With a nice set of breasts and a body to match, the Fantasy NEO Real Sex Doll is a package in itself.
    Featuring a distinctive body structure, Fantasy NEO Body has the overall look and feel that makes you want to hold her and feel close to her.

    Sexy, Seductive and in a league of her own!. The Fantasy NEO body is simply HOT!!!

  • Fantasy NEO Body Details

    Height 159m (5'2")
    Weight 29Kg (64lbs)
    Measurements (cm) B 86 / W 63 / H 90
    UnderBust 69 (27")
    Dress size S/M
    Shoe size 6 AUS


  • Fantasy A.I Silicone Love Doll

    Slender and Sexy is the Fantasy A.I Real Love Doll

    The Fantasy A.I Silicone Doll Body promotes a more slender, defined, athletic body structure. If your looking for that slender doll body look, then the Fantasy A.I Body is what your looking for.

    The Fantasy A.I Body is lightweight, designed to balance the body with it's natural features. The Fantasy A.I Silicone Dolls vagina has the ever more natural curve structure.

    The A.I Dolls leg motion is far more wider than other models. This is the ultimate silicone love doll with advanced technology and a body to lust after.

  • Fantasy A.I Body Details

    Height 160cm (5'2")
    Weight 27kg (60lbs)
    Measurements (cm) B 77 / W 56 / H 85
    UnderBust  64 (25")
    Dress size S/M
    Shoe Size 6.5 (AUST)
  • Fantasy Peach Silicone Body
    Sweet, Flexible and Sexxxxy!

    The Fantasy Peach Silicone Doll Body is right for you if your wanting a more petite style body type with a nice set of fuller breasts. Fantasy Peach Silicone Doll is perfect for those who are wanting a smaller yet perky type doll that looks and feels ever more realistic.

    Her framework is designed for a more cuddlier feel. Her body shape is sexy and sweet at the same time.
    If your looking for love..then the Peach love doll is the one for you!...The look and feel of this love doll is so realistic....its a fantasy come true!

  • Fantasy Peach Body Details

    Height 157cm (5'2")
    Weight 27kg (60lbs)
    Measurements (cm) B 83 / W 60 / H 91
    UnderBust UnderBust 66 (26")
    Dress size S/M
    Shoe Size 5 (AUST)


  • Fantasy Petite Silicone Doll

    Petite & Simply Beautiful is the Fantasy Petite Real Doll!
    Fantasy Petite Silicone Sex Doll is a work of art in itself.
    Promoting a smaller body frame and smaller delicate breasts to suit her frame, the Fantasy Petite Silicone Sec Doll is a creative Realistic Love Doll that wants love. Petite, cute and ready to be built. Fantasy Petite is like no other Silicone Love Doll.
    Her Silicone Body is created in a way that each area is proportion to her body structure.
    You cannot go wrong with the Fantasy Petite Silicone Sex Doll. An absolute stunning realistic love doll built for doll lovers that want a more petite framed real love doll to have as their own.

  • Fantasy Petite Body Details

    Height 154cm (5'1")
    Weight 26kg (57lbs)
    Measurements (cm) B 74 / W 57 / H 86
    UnderBust 66 (26")
    Dress size S/M