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  • Fantasy Real Love Doll - FAQ's

    Fantasy Silicone Sex Doll Questions & Answers

    How long has fantasy doll been in Business? Fantasy doll was established in 2007 and has been in operation since. We have many clients around the world. Our dolls are built to perfection. Our dolls have no comparison to the cheap dolls you find online. If you want quality and longevity and want to own one of the most beautifullest dolls in the world, then Fantasy Doll has the doll for you. Create your own Love Doll and see for yourself.

    What kind of material has been used on the Sex Dolls? Each Fantasy Silicone Sex Doll is created using a special blend of high quality silicone has been used to create the doll. Each Sex Doll is developed with a skeletal structure. The skin on the Fantasy Sex dolls are soft. The Silicone Sex Doll breasts have been modified to enable a more softer, more realistic touch and feel.

    Are the Fantasy Sex Dolls exactly as per the photos in your website? Like any image online, each computer may show slight variances in colour. Each of our Fantasy Sex Dolls are made on order, so there is not 100 dolls hanging around in stock waiting to be sold. Each Sex Doll doll made is special. Not one of our dolls is exactly the same. There may be slight differences in the photos you see on this website vs the dolls in real life, however as none of our photos have been manipulated, you can be confident to know that the doll you receive will as close to the image as possible. Don't make the mistake of comparing our dolls to other dolls manufactured elsewhere. Please ensure prior to purchase you are happy to proceed after photos have been provided. Once production is underway, there is no cancellation and no refunds.

    What kind of extras comes with the Fantasy Sex Doll?
        Wig ( Hair Wig)
        Lingerie Outfit
        Washing kit
        Hair brush
        Repair kit
        Instruction Handbook

    What's the difference between a realistic vagina and removeable vagina on the Fantasy Sex Dolls? The removable vagina as the word states can be removed from the doll. This makes it much easier to wash after use. The removable vagina is made from a durable high elastomer material. The realistic vagina is very aesthetic. Realistic Vaginas cannot be removed. The outer lip is very delicate. Therefore, we recommend it being well lubricated with copious water based lubricant in order to reduce friction.

    What payment do you accept ?
    Bank Deposit
    Credit Card

    What currencies are accepted ?
    All prices are in AUD (AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS)

    Are there any Additional Charges I should be aware of when importing my Fantasy Sex Doll?
    Sales Tax GST - if in Australia
    Shipping Fee (depending on country)
    Delivery (depending on country)

    Maintenance? Can I give my Fantasy Sex Doll a bath? If your doll has minor contamination then simply clean the area over with a wet towel (water recommend). If the area is heavily contaminated, use detergent or body soap. It is also possible to give your doll a bath, however avoid the head and joint portions of the body. Only from the waist down is recommended. Do not place your Sex Dolls head under water.

    How durable is the Fantasy Sex Doll silicone? We used a unique blend of high grade silicone especially developed for our dolls. Thorough Testing has proved that the silicone used on dolls are very durable without deterioration. Expansion/contraction or pressure should be avoided as this can cause damage.

    What kind of package are the Fantasy Sex dolls delivered in ? Each Fantasy Sex doll is securely packed in a double reinforced cardboard box that you can keep for storage if needed. The Fantasy Sex Doll is lying downwards inside the box. The Silicone Dolls hands and feet a packages in a protective film. Till date, we have not received or experienced any issues or incidences or damage due the way our dolls are packed.

    What are the package dimensions (height, weight) ? 159 cm x 60 cm x 30 cm, with a total weight of approx 47kg

    Is the package discreet ? Does the courier know the contents of the package ? We are very discreet in our packaging. Client Confidentiality is taken very seriously at Fantasy Doll. The courier company is not aware of what is inside the package. The box is marked Fragile to ensure proper care is taken when handling.

    Are the Fantasy Sex dolls fragile ? As its name implies, the purpose of a hyper-realistic doll is as close as possible to reality : tactile contact, smoothness and suppleness of the skin, beauty of all parts of the body, such as hands, feet, sex, joints... Hyper-realism also provides the possibility to install the doll in various positions, and maintaining a natural appearance. Each model is equipped with an articulated skeleton. All of these qualitative attributes impose precautions. The dolls that we offer are real pieces of art, to be treated with appropriate delicacy.

    What is the life time/duration of the Fantasy Sex dolls ? The silicone used for our dolls is a durable material, it withstands extreme temperatures and does not deform over time. However, some basic rules of use - clearly defined in our manuals - are to follow to ensure longevity of the dolls. In this case, it is impossible to give them a precise lifetime because it depends on careful handling.

    Does the Sex Dolls Silicone lose shape over time ? No ! The silicone used to make our dolls is designed to last without any distortion over time. For example, the fingers are not likely to stick together if the doll is not handled for some time. The only word of warning is that do not leave your doll in the sun for or sitting on a hard surfaced chair. Always ensure there is a pillow or some softness between the doll and the furniture item.

    What's the "hand skeletal" option ? When articulated, hands include flexible metal rods inside the silicone. The dolls hands can grasp light objects such as a cup All natural hand positions are possible. Without this equipment, the hand is "soft", since only made of silicone.

    Is it easy to dress the dolls ?  Its suggested you read the doll manual prior to taking your doll out of the box or changing her clothing. You need to learn how your doll moves to avoid damaging her whilst changing her. Avoid tight non-elastic clothing. Once you get to know your doll, you will feel more confident dressing and undressing her.

    Are the Fantasy Sex Doll wigs implanted or are they fit on? Each doll comes with a wig of your choice. You have the option to order several different wigs at additional cost. They are not implanted. They are removable wigs.

    How do I clean my doll after having sex ? After use, simply clean the inside of the vagina with warm water, and your doll will be ready again. For the removable vagina, you simply remove the vagina and put it under warm water, then let it dry. Put it back in the doll, and it is ready for use again.

    Is it possible to change the orientation of the Fantasy Sex dolls' eyes ? Yes, with delicacy. The eyes are not fixed in the silicone shell so you can change its orientation.

    Is it possible to apply ordinary make-up on the dolls ? The dolls are already carefully made up with a permanent product. But you can easily add more makeup, such as lipstick, blush and eye shadow, mascara, kohl pencil, etc. The only product to avoid is "gloss", as it inevitably will flow over the silicone. If you want to frequently make-up your doll by yourself, you can order a natural doll face, that is to say without any makeup.

    What if the doll needs to be repaired? The silicone of A.I doll is superior in durability, but if it is damaged or torn due to wrong handling or dropping/contact, use the repairing silicone provided. The method is described in detail in the document enclosed in the package. If the repair is not so easy to perform, you can send it for repair to us. Note; You will be charged for repair and shipping.

    What is the Delivery Time on my Fantasy Sex Doll? Up to 70 days